Personal Service

We are specialist independent advisers who provide free advice and quotations by email every day for Key Man & Relevant Life and other types of Insurance, whether for Directors, Key Employees Shareholders or Partners.

Instead of pushy sales people, we offer a more personal service that provides a thorough market perspective and allows you to make an informed choice.

In the last 12 months we have successfully placed over
of Key Man and other types of insurance for UK Business.

I would strongly recommend Duncan Deaves to anyone that needs a clear, straightforward and fast service.

Having arranged for my unemployment cover a couple of years back I was pleasantly surprised when Duncan got in touch again advising me the renewal cost would increase greatly on my current cover and suggesting we look elsewhere. In the course of a couple of hrs Duncan had already provided me with a number of better alternatives. By the time the letter came from the original policy provider advising of the increase in premium I was all ready to move to the new provider. And all it took on my side was a 10 mins conversation with Duncan to confirm my details.The service provided goes beyond great advice, it's looking out on behalf of the clients.

Elisabetta Tamazzio

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